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Cocoa Portfolio & Services

We buy, sell and import/export raw cocoa beans, liquor, butter, cake, and powder. Whether you are a large company, or a small craft chocolate maker, we have an impressive portfolio of over 40 different cocoa origins, ranging from conventional to super-premium. We are happy to support you in finding a good match.


We keep our beans stored in strategic locations such as Hamburg (Germany), Amsterdam (Netherlands), New Jersey, Pennsylvania and California (USA) and thus can accommodate various timed releases. We also coordinate shipments from origin and/or out of warehouses direct to a buyer’s facility or chosen port. 

Conventional Cocoa

We sell conventional cocoa beans from West Africa and elsewhere. Our biggest origins are Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon.


Fine Flavour Cocoa

We have always been specialists in fine flavour cocoa beans trade, including but not limited to origins such as Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru, Indonesia (Java), Papua New Guinea, Madagascar, and Grenada. 

Specialty Cocoa

We offer specialty cocoa as part of our portfolio, where 100% traceability is key, as well as cocoa genetics, specific regions or farms within countries, overall uniqueness, and of course the all important flavour.


Please find here a map showing some of the specialty cocoa beans we handle.  

Specialty cocoa.jpg

Certified Cocoa

We offer both sustainably sourced and certified cocoa (Organic, Fairtrade, UTZ & Rainforest Alliance) from, i.e., Ecuador, Peru, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria, and Madagascar. Our sustainability portfolio keeps growing, with traceability in continued focus.

Cocoa Liquor, Nibs, Butter, Cake, and Powder

We sell “blocked” natural and deodorized cocoa butter (with certification when possible/required), an essential cocoa derivative for the food industry. Our regular and continuous flow of goods enables us to efficiently supply our customers with “liquid” cocoa butter too on a just-in-time basis.


We also offer cocoa liquor, nibs, cake, and powder (natural or alkalized).


Our well-enhanced quality control mechanisms, and the careful selection of suppliers help us to stay on top of the industry’s ever-increasing quality requirements.

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